Could you briefly tell us about what problem Inovadio solves? 

Inovadio was founded on principles of inclusion, equality, integrity and honor and eco-sustainability. These principles provide direction from everything to product design, sourcing, product development, pricing and every other consideration that must be made for our premium brands. 

We want customers to feel they receive outstanding value when they purchase a product from one of our brands.

We simply want to give more and take less than others while keeping important factors like sustainability and environmental awareness in mind. 

Do you have any stories about a specific person who has used your products?


John Sinclair is a retired British national from Birmingham, England he is a very disciplined man who always makes a consistent effort to maintain his fitness goals. 


He always makes it to the gym at least five days per week for rigorous weight training sessions. He says that his favorite fitness product from our flagship fitness brand Fitbyx is his trusty pair of Fitbyx WrapStraps, which are a combination of wrist wrap and wrist strap in one.


He uses them to perform activities like deadlifts, rows, lateral pulldowns and pullups. They have helped him increase the weight of his main lifts by over twenty percent in a single year.


How have your products made an impact on people’s lives?


Inovadio has delivered products in over five different niche markets with plans to expand beyond those markets and take on new market niches in the coming years. Our products have been designed and tuned with the end user in mind. 


The customers that have honored us by doing business with us have received high quality items at more competitive prices than our competitors.


They also can have peace of mind to know that we’ve done everything in our power to ensure the products were made in factories with humane working conditions with material considerations related to environmental sustainability.


industry experience

Inovadio has been working hard to bring customers the highest quality products across a range of different niches at affordable prices. 

Dedicated Team

Our team thinks about the big picture. If we wouldn’t want to use it, we wouldn’t want to sell it. Helping our customers is our primary concern. 


Many companies care solely about profitability but that isn’t our mission. We want to change the way business is done and bring about a better future.

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